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Home Staff



Mr Ravilal - Practice Manager
Mr Ravilal Gorsia is the practice manager. He has worked for the last 22 years in NHS to shape the practice and update it. He also manages two other practices and is our HCA (Health Care Assistant). He has set up the Patient Participation Group within the practice. Please contact him for any suggestions, problems, complaints or compliments.

This is a single handed practice. Very occasionally the duty doctor will be a regular locum who is familiar with the practice. The receptionist Ms Sue Watkin is available to assist you to make an appointment, process requests/messages and answer general but not medical quiries. A health visitor service is provided at Three Tree Clinics, Tiverton Road, NW10 3HL every 1st and 3rd Fridays. They offer support and advice to children under fives and their families as well as antenatal clients.

Administrators are Ms Renatta Murakami , Ms Sue Watkins and Ms Jennifer Renol.

Community nurses liaise with the doctor to undertake nursing procedures in the home if you are unable to attend the surgery. The health care assistant is available from Monday to Friday.

Counselling is available via IAPT (telephone/face to face) appointments are available for clients referred by the practice.



Nursing Team


Our Practice Nurse is Gracious Calit.



Health Care Assistant

Health Care Assistants are Ms Renatta Murakami and Ms Nikolett Kadas.
Providing health checks and new patient registrations.
Ms Renatta Murakami speaks Fluent Portugese and English.
Ms Nikolett Kadas speaks Fluent Hungarian and English.



A number of GP assistants work with us currently. Male and female GPs are available.

Dr Jyostna Patel M.B.B.S., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.
Dr Jyostna Patel is Principal GP and provides general medical services, child health surveillance, antenatal and postnatal services as well as family planning services including IUD fits, minor surgery and joint injections.


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