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Screw the 2x8 top caps to the top of the stanchions with two 3-in. deck screws at each post. For bulkhead spans longer than 4 ft., nail a vertical 2x6 stiffener to the backside of the wall planks. It'll keep the wall planks in line and add strength to the top cap in case someone uses it for a step.

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Has anyone ever built a post and plank retaining wall? I need to install a 45 foot long by 3.5 foot tall retaining wall. I will be using 6x6's for the post's and 2x12's for the planks.

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This post-and-plank retaining system is based on the way seawalls (or bulkheads) work. You set posts into the ground, vertically, then plank behind them. This creates a wall with texture and shadow lines with nice hollows between the posts for plantings or grass.

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Jeff Hosking and the crew lay a new wide-plank pine floating floor in the dining room opening and a riprap retaining wall at the bank cut for the new drive, and lanscaper Roger Cook and crew

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The vehicle complied, slamming violently down onto the canal retaining wall behind her surprised attackers. Their psychic attack momentarily broken, Kerra pushed again, causing them to lose their

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Build a retaining wall with power and style. Excavation and Layout. So I can have access to the back of the posts later to install the plank, I notch out the hill with the Prowler’s bucket.

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The same design as the post and plank retaining wall, but on a smaller scale. This wood retaining wall can be built in two weekends and without the aid of any heavy equipment. This wood retaining wall can be built in two weekends and without the aid of any heavy equipment.