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I want to know how much weight my deck can support. It is 10'x16', framed with pressure treated wood. It is cantilevered off the house and 9ft above the ground. The outside frame is double 2x10 and th read more

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How Much Weight Can Wood Flooring Tolerate? Decking Accessories; Three of the main factors which will affect how much weight your wood floor can tolerate are

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As the weight of the tub full of water will have to be calculated in addition to however many people the deck is deemed fit for, it is highly unlikely that the deck can take the extra weight legally, unless it was over-engineered in the first place.

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Joists Frame and Floor Decking. Using a timber frame rather than block-work for the main structure can still save over 40% of the weight of a wet build house.

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This is the time of year when I bring outdoor stuff indoors and garage storage space gets scarce. My favorite storage solution is to shove more and more stuff up in the rafters. And that got me thinking how much weight can my roof trusses take? Heres the official answer: Unless you have

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Determine how much weight my deck can hold If I'm not mistaken, usually hot tubs are sunken into decks. You cut a big hole in your deck, then pour a concrete foundation on the ground to support the weight of the hot tub, and drop it in.

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Maximum weight limit on a deck? I know this is going to be difficult to answer without seeing the deck. yes, I know I would be better off asking a professional, but thought I'd see if there was one here first Anyway, I have a portable hot tub.

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As you can see, the answer to the question is far more than just how much weight can a deck hold. Its how much weight can the soil hold, the footings, fasteners, joist hangars, etc., and how much can it hold while its wet.


Once you know how much the soil beneath a deck can hold, next you can figure out the weight of the deck. To calculate the weight of the deck, Ill use a 10×10 deck for this example. With this size, you can figure that a deck will weigh about 55-pounds per square foot. Therefore, if you multiply 100 by 55, you know that the weight of your

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How to figure how much weight I can put on my barge. Of course you would not dare load the barge all the way up to the deck line. Maybe halfway. So halve the

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People, who want to know how much weight can a 4×4 beam support, be it on the backyard swing set or the deck with a hot tub in it, worry not because we have got the answers for you. The weight that a 4×4 beam can support horizontally depends on the type and quality of the wood used.

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A 12-foot length of treated, yellow pine 5/4-by-6 decking will weigh an average of 13.87 pounds within a range of 10.65 to 17.08 pounds . If not fully dry, treated wood can contain up to 4.5 gallons of water, adding as much as 17.4 pounds to the weight of the 12-foot board.

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Answer that all depends on the design, size and types of materials used. I think your question is too broad, it's like asking how much weight can a bridge support?.

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As someone that has a 500 gal. 1900 L hot tub on a second story deck, you NEED an engineer to d up some plans. what if your deck collapses and someone is injured? If an engineer sealed the plans you are better off. The engineer would take other loads into consideration too such as snow.

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deck that can take weight of car. Hi guys, looking to get some advice on building a deck that will take the weight of a car occasionally. Basically its a deck off

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Supporting the weight of all the people that could fit inside it is a problem. I have a 12'x14' deck that required 10 concrete posts driven 5' deep the frost line where I live in Canada in order to be able to support a full load of people that could possibly fit during a big party or something.

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The longer the joist, the more area of deck the joist supports, and thus the beam supports. For pressure-preservative-treated southern pine no. 2 grade, there is a method that can be used for estimating beam spans for a preliminary design.

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Will Snow Damage my Deck this winter? Tips for clearing snow from your deck. I can rest easy, after reading the deck weight requirements. Thank you, and goodnight

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The issues around deck load capacity is one I receive often from visitors asking how much weight they should design their deck for. The discussion quickly leads to the overall strength of the framed structure. But that is only one part of it.

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How much weight will a blunt aos deck take? It can hold you''re weight, i'd say around 7s kgs but it is reallt not worth buying, as it snaps way to easily, i have had two and both have snaped in