acrylic panels for stairs

Nintendo Switch Review

Its bright, glossy 1280x720p screen certainly isnt the sharpest panel on the market, but it offers a modest 236.87 pixel per inch PPI density. For reference, the iPhone 7 offers a 326 PPI.

Sony Vaio Tap 20 review: Crazy enough to work

The display itself is covered in glass, but the body is all soft, rounded plastic, with grip-friendly indents along the left and right edges on the back panel. You most likely won't carry the Tap

Mexico earthquake kills dozens, shakes Mexico City, state

She said she fell in the stairs and people began to walk over her, before someone finally pulled her up. "There were no stairs anymore. There were rocks," she said.

Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough

Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough This walkthrough gives you everything you need to know to help Heather find her way through Silent Hill, including solutions for every puzzle and tips on beating or

Cops: 7-year-old girl finds mom stabbed to death, tells

After obtaining a search warrant, Melissa Byers' body was found in the basement covered with carpet, plastic, sheets and clothing. Bloody drag marks were seen on the basement stairs. Police also

Rebranding chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome, a debilitating illness affecting up to 2.5 million Americans, may soon get a new name and set of diagnostic criteria. In a report released Tuesday, an independent panel

48 Hours

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At least one star at the Emmys didn't have a problem with the revamped nomination process that had some categories being selected by special panels.

Sea, air and space vehicles converge at this incredible

After climbing an awkwardly tilted spiral staircase, you reach the upper deck. Though cool, and perhaps space-saving, I imagine such a staircase was incredibly dangerous. It was a challenge going

Exploring Wanli UFO Village

The Venturo you see on the left has sheets for curtains. Squatters, perhaps? The one behind and out of view had a newish looking grill, but heavily faded kids toys in the yard. Squatters, perhaps?

Finally, A Robot With Some Manners

Instead, its barrel-shaped torso, sheathed with sonar panels and black plastic bumper guards, rolls on wheels. GRACE cannot handle stairs or escalators. GRACE cannot handle stairs or escalators.

All the smartwatches and fitness trackers of CES 2016

There's a touch panel on the side and it'll alert you about incoming calls, texts and emails. Hopefully it'll also remind you to keep your eyes on the road ahead. Hopefully it'll also remind you