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To unroll, you pull out a small amount of the wire, attach securely to your pull post, and drive the tractor down the fence line. The wire will unroll itself. In tight areas you can use the tractor as a stationary point and just pull the wire yourself not as much fun .

T-Fence Post Puller at Tractor Supply Co.

Find T-Fence Post Puller in the T Posts category at Tractor Supply Co.The SpeeCo T-Fence Post Puller is a great tool for removing studded "T" po

Maasdam Pow'R Pull Fence Stretch'R-8060

Pull'R Holding Company, LLC - Fence Stretch'R - Stretch your fence with this lightweight and easy to use fence stretcher, featuring self-locking action for easier two-handed tie-off. Works with posts from 1-3/8 in. to 4 in.

SpeeCo Metal T

Metal T - Post Puller allows T - Post to be removed from the ground with a tractor bucket, chain, Handyman Jack, or a S - hook. Designed to allow the use of different gauges of chain.

How to use a fence post puller

This post puller or fence post jack makes easy work of old post when clearing old fence rows. I can"t wait to do the roadside. Some of the posts can be reused instead of bent or broken off. Get

Tractor Fence Post Puller Good Christian Decors : How to

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Tractor Supply Store T-Fence post puller. Review and tutorial

Review and tutorial of the Tractor Supply Store T-Fence post puller. In the video we will show you how to use the T-Fence post puller, to pull T-posts. Please subscribe for future videos on using

Product: Tuggy T-Post Puller

Three easy strokes of the 30in. handle pull medium or heavy-duty metal fence posts Won't bend them. Steel puller is 36in. high. Works from either side of post.

Homemade Fence Post Puller Hunker

Pulling metal fence posts out of the ground can be difficult, especially if the posts have been set for an extended period of time. However, utilizing the lever action of a fence post puller can cut your work in half and reduce the amount of stress on the worker.

Fencing Tools Hoover Fence Co.

From Homo Erectus to Fence Erectus, we've assembled here the finest fencing tools known to man after nearly 3 million years of tool making. Pull'R Fence Pull

Pajik Fence Stretcher-Fence Puller

$129.99 129.99 EA. Use this Pajik fence puller with cattle, goat, and general woven wire fencing when the tension becomes slack on old fencing. Constructed from strong metal, this fence puller can be used with a truck or tractor.

Steel Fence Posts Steel Fence Post Metal Fence Post Puller

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Metal T Post Puller-Fence Post Puller

If you need to remove metal t-posts, try using this SpeeCo T-Post Puller to remove fence posts with ease. For simple and quick removal, use this metal t-post puller with your tractor, handyman jack, S-hook, or chains.

36 in. Galvanized Steel Hook Stretcher Bar with 3 Hooks

The YARDGARD 36 in. galvanized steel hook stretcher bar with 3 hooks is essential when dealing with chain link fencing fabric that is just short of your length needs. Made of galvanized steel, this 3-pronged stretcher bar is used to stretch chain link fence fabric so it can be attached to the terminal post brace bands.