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Metal Gear Solid HD Edition FAQ/Walkthrough for

Deck D has a kitchen in the west, a pantry in the east, and a staircase going up to Deck E in the south. There is a hallway that extends from the kitchen to the pantry and wraps around the staircase to the other entryway to the kitchen. The kitchen is accessed by two sliding doors, one by the staircase that you came up and the other to the south of it, by the staircase to Deck E. The kitchen

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong

This is our "Safe Boat", where Is0bel and Gobbit both live and where we are too, for the time being. Ask any questions you have and choose to look around. This lower level is for you and Duncan, with your room being the closest. Note that you can use the locker to store stuff. If you wish, go check out the upper level to see where our other two runners stay, but NO ONE will want to talk right

Resident Evil 5 FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox One by sokkus

Jump back in the boat and continue to the pontoon to the North West. When you get off the boat head into the hut in front of you and immediately look up to see BSAA Emblem 4 . Continue along the path, up the ladder and open the chest for treasure Chalice Silver . Jump back into the boat and head for the sealed door on the western side of the map. Insert the 4 slates into the door to open

Chrono Cross FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by ATadeo

The boat will then leave and youll arrive at Guldove. GULDOVE ANOTHER ----- After you regain control, go to the docs clinic. Inside, go to Kids room, which is to the right. Talk to the Doc using the square button and using the Hydra Humour. After a few moment, Kid will ask for you. Go to her and talk to her. In the next scene, the Doc still cant believe how you got the Humour

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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty FAQ/Walkthrough for

An example is Deck-D. 8 Shoot at the ketchup or a salt shaker in the kitchen at Deck-D. Guards will examine. 9 In the Tanker Holds, there may be a marine soldier with his trousers missing. He's the only odd one out. All the marine soldiers have their trousers on, except him. 10 Whenever your character comes out of water from a swim, his body will be wet and he leaves behind footprints. 11 At

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Suikoden V FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by 29 Rooks

On the deck, there is a chest with the important THUNDER PIECE . Collect 4 of these, then assemble them at any runemaster for the rare Thunder Rune, essentially the Lightning Rune's big brother. North of the Journeyman's Crystal is a ship anchored to the west, go inside and out the bow door to find a FIRE SEALING PIECE . Back at the last intersection, head east to the bow of a boat. Walk

Watch Flipping Ships Episodes on Animal Planet Season 1

Yukon Delta. Season 1, Episode 5. June 5, 2015. A 1970s houseboat is upgraded to include a kitchen, clear roof, sun pad and a water slide.

Empire: Total War / Napoleon: Total War: Gold Edition FAQ

By recruiting local warriors into our ranks, we will be able to learn how they protect themselves from the sun's merciless gaze. This will allow us to form combat units that combine both the qualities of the modern French army and the ancient wisdom of the desert." Reward - Grants a unit of Dromedary Cavalry Enables recruitment of dromedary cavalry This is quite an easy mission, just recruit

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