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Syberia FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Allia

Open the rectangular panel below the On/Off switch and connect the 2 wires there. Turn on the power switch. Pull out the square-shaped *blood testing apparatus* from the right side. Go back to the cosmonaut and ask him about "Airship" to get the *airship key*. Unlock the airship and pull the lever inside. Go back to the control room area and use the blood testing apparatus on the cosmonaut. Go

Assassin's Creed Syndicate FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

The closest pair of clouds behind the gazebo near the start and by the end of the stone bridge crossing the pond are simple walk in and destroy the plant scenarios. The furthest cloud to the west however has three Templars standing in it.

The Messenger FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by AIssil

Back up, go right, use the step ladder on the ground in front of the wall strht ahead of you the correct wall to place the step ladder in front of is the one with a very large rectangular painting with a smaller circular painting beneath it; this wall is directly to the left of the one door on the wall with three windows . At the top of the step ladder take the painting all the way to the

LEGO Harry Potter Collection FAQ/Walkthrough for

Free him to complete the lesson, and exit to the Lessons Hallway via the southeast door. Head north, then downstairs and through the northwest door into the Main Hallway. Go upstairs, through the northeast door into the Outer Corridor, and continue east through the Fountain Courtyard, across the Wooden Bridge, and into the Hogwarts Grounds. Follow Nearly Headless Nick north to find Professor

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by

Assemble the pieces to make a crank, then carry it into the elevator with the green rectangle and Leviosa it. --- Free Play - NOTES ON FREE PLAY: In this mode, you will be given a set of characters, and you can switch between them any time by pressing L1 or R1. You will always be given the proper characters to find everything in the area, unless you have not purchased them, yet. Also, you may

Grand Theft Auto V FAQ/Walkthrough

0=====0 The Plan \ 0=====> After taking the vehicles you need to race Lamar back to the Simeon's Dealership. As you race along you will be given instructions on your Special Ability and controlling vehicles in the air. Try not to beat Lamar as he is a good driver. The reason for this is so you don't wreck your car. Just stay reasonably close and you should be fine. After the race then Lamar

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100 House Plans in PDF and CAD for Android

The 100 house plans are available for purchase at less than $1 per plan if purchased on our DVD or for around $20 each if ordered separately. These are complete house plans that have been dn by

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues FAQ

The Maharajah works and is free. TA 14k - You can always go back later to get studs. Focus on the actual mission until you stop the rocks. Characters: Indiana Jones, Maharajah Oh this one's fun. The idea is to beat a rolling rock to the end of an obstacle course. Pull the first switch, then watch out for the blades as you navigate the tunnels. At the end, use the whip switch quickly before

Saints Row 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

On the northern side you will find a large park with Chinese style gazebos. The only shop to be found in this neighborhood is an On Thin Ice jewelry store. F14. Airport District SR2DISTAIRPORT ===== There are two neighborhoods in the Airport District, Huntersfield to the north and Wardill Airport south of that. F14a. Huntersfield SR2DISTAIRPORTF14A ----- This is a small neighborhood just

LEGO Star Wars FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox by Syonyx

Free Play mode In Free Play, you will revisit previously completed chapters with a new stock of characters, sporting additional character abilities not available to you in Story mode. In this way, you will be able to go more places, do more and collect more Studs and Lego Minikit canisters. You will also have the opportunity to reach True Jedi status if you were unable to do so in Story

Syberia FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox by Sultan

Open the rectangular plate on the right of the panel. Attach the 2 lines together. Push the round knobbed lever up. Take the blood testing apparatus on the right. Go down and get blood from the pilot - Boris by clicking the blood testing apparatus on him. Go back to the control panel and insert the blood testing apparatus in its square slot. Click the syringe icon button and Boris' blood was

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox

We need to free fifteen prisoners in total to complete this segment and there are four sets of pirate captives available on the map. Note that there is an objective to enter combat and disarm and kill three guards. To do this, enter combat whilst unarmed, counter an enemy attack with a disarm and Edward will grab the bad guys weapon. Kill him with the weapon to have it count towards the

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

Find the gazebo in this area, face it, walk behind it on the left side and turn around to find a Journey Cloth -----ACTIVATED JOURNEY CLOTH 6----- Also in this area is a Relto Page which can be quite tricky to get to. It's on the opposite side of the path as where the Journey Cloth is, but it's situated up on a small ledge. Walk down the path and find the largest rock on the left side. What