plastic pool planks Australia

9 ways to protect and fix cords around the home

Plastic weld cords back together If it's too late and the damage is already done, you can repair cords by welding them back together. Bondic is a plastic welder that can fix a cord in under a minute.

Why you shouldn't buy a plastic cutting board

Unlike plastic, wooden cutting boards don't need to be thrown out when they get cuts. Just sand the surface down with a fine-grit sandpaper, wash it, dry it and then rub it down with a bit of

Best gifts for under $100

Roku Streaming Stick Plus. The best bang for your buck in Roku's 2017 lineup is the $70 Streaming Stick Plus. New for 2017 in the plug-in design are full 4K and HDR compatibility, and a remote

Drowning risks: Even kiddie pools pose danger

Just a few inches of water in a kiddie pool are enough to drown a child. "When we think of pool risks, we think of the big pools, complete with deep ends, diving boards and swim parties," said Dr

Can Congress members sit on corporate boards? It's allowed

Collins, a New York Republican, has denied any wrongdoing stemming from his involvement with Innate Immunotherapeutics Limited, a biotechnology company based in Sydney, Australia.

Moto E5 Plus review: Not your first budget choice

The Moto E5 Plus is a budget phone with some definite perks: Terrifically long battery life, a sturdy design and a large 6-inch display. Other than that, the pricing on this phone contradicts itself.

Pebble Watch review: A more polished Pebble, thanks to

The glossy plastic face is scratch-resistant, according to Pebble's Web site, but I picked up some minor scuffs and scratches in a week of normal, careful use. The rubberized watchband is

Japan earthquake today in Osaka: Death toll climbs after 6

Train guide electric boards tilt following an earthquake at Ibaraki-shi Station in Ibaraki City, north of Osaka prefecture on June 18, 2018. Getty

Whirlpool Swash review: Pseudo-dry cleaning at home

Six in all, the plastic clips are spring-loaded and sit on the lower and bottom edge of the Swash's sliding clothes compartment. These clips are also attached to retractable cords which are the

Bonavita Metropolitan 8-Cup brewer review: Top-notch drip

Between these two flat planks are the brewer's main components. There's a water tank and heater unit below it on the base's left side. There's a water tank and heater unit below it on the base

Dissecting the Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show 2

The plastic here on the front, they're just holding the speakers in place. BLANK AUDIO But we're going to keep going and see what we can, I'm going to remove these screws here and then we're see

Cracking open the Amazon Fire TV Cube

MUSIC Welcome to CNET's Cracking Open. I'm Jason Hiner with Bill Detwiler and today we're cracking open the Amazon Fire Cube. So Bill, tell us about what Amazon's done with this device and why

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