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Bubble Deck Technology Uses Less Concrete by Filing The

Bubble Deck Technology Uses Less Concrete by Filing The Slab With Beach Balls This is a really clever idea that takes out all the stuff in the middle that you don't really need, and replacing it

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===== EXAMINE THE MORGUE ===== Start by taking some time to explore the morgue and your own inventory. The only item you start with is a Matchbox. Examining it will reveal the "Wastelands Club" logo, but this won't make sense for a while. Move the cursor over and examine the Slab.

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Bubble deck slab is a new innovative and sustainable floor system to be used as a self-supporting concrete floor. The application of the Bubble deck slab floor system in the Netherlands is manifested as the world-wide first application. The Bubble deck slab floor system can be used for storey floors, roof floors and ground floor slabs.

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Keep going until you get to the bus. Shoot the concrete slabs in the way, only to have it do nothing. so just continue. When you hit the observation deck, you will have to fight with some DUP enemies. to play through the game twice. One would be on Expert difficulty as either Good or Evil (both have their advantages), then another

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Advanced Structure Engineering He was designing a rather unusual house revolutionary flat slab floor and deck system but Recycled plastic hollow ‘Bubble’ void former Reinforcing mesh, bottom After the ‘sandwich’ elements are placed in position, temporarily supported on props, the

BubbleDeck - the Biaxial Hollow Deck

BubbleDeck - the Biaxial Hollow Slab. Architectural freedom, Flexibility in Design and Use, Fast and Inexpensive, Savings and Environmental Benefits.

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As a voided biaxial slab (with spheres only) acts like a solid slab, the fire resistance is just a matter of the amount of concrete layer. A two way spanning biaxial slab construction compared to a one way spanning deck (traditionally a hollow core): This is termed a ‘bubble-reinforcement’ sandwich, which is then cast into bottom