caravan steps and decking

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On one hand, this is a step down in accessibility. On the other, the smaller screen and limited functions are sure to make it less of a distraction than its larger sibling.

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Caravan is the best money-maker and can be done at level 1. 1 Do the tutorial quest, save the settler, talk to trudy, and go to Ringo's shack. 2 Ignore the powder ganger dialogue and get the deck from Ringo.

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Car Tech Chrysler, Dodge cars to get Apple CarPlay, Android Auto. Chrysler and Dodge's parent company FCA has a new version of its Uconnect system, announced at CES, which will let you use Apple

Infinite Caps?

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Just keep the deck at 30, but replace everything you can with one of those four types of cards. The primary strategy is about the same, but I feel my set up offers more strategic flexibility since the AI likes to hit a lot of my cards with Jacks. Caravan is a great way to make easy money once you get the hang of it. Ringo in Goodsprings, Johnson Nash in Primm, Cliff Briscoe in Novac, and many

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Mark Licea/CNET As someone who spent nearly two hours dealing with security and waiting at a check-in desk for a Princess Cruise in September, I appreciated any way to make the process easier.

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Step up to the plate with MVP Baseball 2004. The fundamentals of hitting, pitching, fielding, and base running have been reproduced like never before to give you complete control over every aspect of the game.

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Enemies would drop trinkets, weapons, potions, and pieces of armor at an almost alarming rate, and it seemed as though you would only take a few steps before your inventory was full, forcing you

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Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator is a massive step forward from Race Driver. It offers a great selection of aspirational cars to be driven through 31 championships that cover a huge variety of motor racing styles.

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Build a deck of 30 cards first that's that first screen . When the actual game starts you'll notice 3 separate slots or 'caravans', you try to win them by placing cards in them and trying to beat your opponents total on his side.