plastic use for building walls

Guide: Host a Gingerbread House-Building Party

Build a house for the holidays. An edible house. But make it so ridiculously charming and sweet literally as well as figuratively , that you won't want to mess it up by eating it. Even better, invite some friends, family, or kids over and host a gingerbread house-building party to get everyone in the Christmas mood. But be warned: Your home

Trump now describes his border wall as "steel slats"

Building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico has been intertwined with President Trump's political identity since 2015. The wall was a signature campn promise for Mr. Trump, a slogan and

Trump's wall could benefit this Mexican company

And despite his intention to use the wall to keep out Mexicans who try to slip illegally into the U.S., the massive building project could actually be boon for one Mexican cement maker: Cemex

Most Americans support DACA, but oppose border wall

Most Americans continue to oppose building a border wall, but seven in 10 Republicans support it. More than half of Democrats 57 percent say it's worth shutting down the government to have young

Trump talks all kinds of walls as he fights for border

Everywhere President Trump looks, he sees a wall. As he lobbies for money for his long-promised border wall, Mr. Trump keeps talking up other barricades. He's pointing to walls in Israel, at the

Views on southern border wall have been consistent since

Most Americans 59 percent oppose the building of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. However, 8 in 10 Republicans favor a wall. Two-thirds of independents and 84 percent of Democrats

Barbra Streisand releasing anti-Trump album "Walls"

The album's title track is about how people now "build walls where they shouldn't be." She told The New York Times that the album was a productive outlet for her anger.

Run cable more efficiently with these tips

Many people use cut-in junction boxes made of plastic or steel to mount their RJ45 jacks. Others use open backed trim rings that just clamp into the wall cutout. I generally use plastic boxes with