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18 Apr 2012 To protect freshly cut deck boards from checking end grain splits , you need to use an end grain sealant. How to Wash, Stain and Seal Your Wooden or Composite Deck - Duration: 12:35. by getconstructiontips 5,159 views.

Armadillo End Board Sealer

Armadillo Moisture Repellant End Board Sealer provides maximum protection against the elements on the unfinished ends of Armadillo Deck Boards. Clear color is compatible with all board colors. Available in 3oz cans, covers approximately 200 board ends. Armadillo End Sealer has to be applied to Armadillo Deck Boards or the warranty will be void.

Composite Decking Accessories Green Bay Decking

Composite Decking Accessories. dirt and insect infiltration into the hollow center of the deck board. End caps provide a finished look to the end of a deck board.

Prepare and Stain Composite Decks

Apply stain using a good polyester brush. Do not paint in direct sun. Stain small sections at a time and avoid lap marks. Start at one edge and follow through the end of the boards. Do three or four boards at a time. One coat is recommended. Wait at least 24 hours before using the composite deck.

Hollow Composite Decking End Caps

Our hollow decking end caps are used to seal off the ends of hollow core boards to give your decking a professional finished look. Each cap is available in eight colours to match your decking - teak, coffee, charcoal, light grey, stone grey, olive green, redwood and ivory.

How to Properly Use End Seal

On traditional wood decks, a sealer is what encases the decking, its what protects it. Thats not the case with End Seal. If you happen to end seal your entire deck , you may find that its a bit slippery.

Composite Decking Boards

Composite Decking Boards. Sort By composite deck board choice composite decking boards brown composite resilient surface for the ultimate in stain fade and

Can you stain composite decking ? Seven Trust Decking

Upon researching composite deck stain choices this was one of the first ones Seven Trust recommended on there website. The first step was cleaning this deck and after reading articles on our deck stain procedures we realized our normal wood restoration process needed to be altered.