juliet balcony railing design

Spider-Man 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by a heavenly

Climb up on the railing on the South side of this building. Counting columns from West to East, climb down between columns 2 and 3. The token is in the middle, one-fourth of the way down. 17. Head back up the building to the South-West corner. You should see Oscorp and a building before it. This building has the token. If you look above the tv antenna you can see it. Go get it. 18. Go the

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Silent Hill: Origins FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

The BALCONY CORRIDOR KEY and some SERVICE PISTOL AMMO are in the director's office. A Carrion patrols the next hallway south of the dressing room. Sneak past to find a new, bloodier Strht-jacket in the next room. In the stairwell, check the railing on the landing for SERVICE PISTOL AMMO. An Ariel is on the second floor. Go to the door behind it to see two square depressions. Light and

Far Cry 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by SENIORBILL

An optional mission, Where for Art Thou Juliet is also activated but the mission site is near and best pursued from Amanaki Town. If you need the cash, you can fast-travel to Amanaki Town to pursue it now for the $500 reward. Youll also find that liberating Wellshore Wreckers has initiated a Path of the Hunter mission which is available in Amanaki Town. It pays a bounty of

Resident Evil Code: Veronica

The Bandersnatches will throw their arms over the railings to pull themselves up, but you should be up the steps by time this happens. In the next area, you will want to get to the Ashford "Mansion" Palace, so do so. Watch out for the poochies, though. They are not very nice today. Once you enter the Ashford "Mansion," you will see that something is extremely different It could be the four